Trust Tomorrow

Since Swire began operating in Hong Kong 150 years ago, the group has been steadfast in its commitment to the city – not just as a long-term investor, but as a supportive and caring corporate citizen. The Swire Group Charitable Trust (“Swire Trust”) is launching a new funding initiative, TrustTomorrow, as part of our ongoing pledge to give back to the community that has helped us to thrive over the past century and a half.

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29 Oct 2020

Stay home with us: See You Online

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow has partnered with a number of NGOs to introduce “See You Online”: a programme that allows you and your family to take part in virtual storytelling sessions and yoga classes at home.
27 Oct 2020

Giving back brings its own reward

During this difficult time, TrustTomorrow has funded St. James Settlement’s FOOD-CO platforms again to deliver fresh food packs to those in need.
19 Oct 2020

Keeping students safe at school

Under the TrustTomorrow funding initiative, Swire Trust has subsidised the use of Germagic disinfecting spray in 18 special education needs schools with boarding facilities.
16 Oct 2020

“Noodles for Love” $50 Matching Donation campaign

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow funding initiative is bringing positive energy to the community via the joy of cooking by supporting Swire Properties’ new community-outreach programme “Noodles for Love”.
15 Oct 2020

TrustTomorrow’s timely solutions answer pressing needs of the community

Through the TrustTomorrow initiative, we work closely with NGO partners and beneficiaries to provide ‘close to the ground’ food and hygiene support to the needy.
9 Oct 2020

Reinforcing our commitment to Hong Kong

Building on our first round of funding earlier this year, Swire Trust rolled out an additional HK$14 million in late September to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
8 Oct 2020

Creating opportunities for a better tomorrow

iMoney talks to Tina Chan, Head of Philanthropy for The Swire Group Charitable Trust, about the programmes that are being rolled out through TrustTomorrow.
7 Oct 2020

Elderly care during the pandemic

As we battle through COVID-19, elderly people are amongst the most vulnerable members of our community. Granny Ho, a 90-year-old who suffers from chronic illnesses, is one example.
5 Oct 2020

Spread kindness through extending a helping hand

During COVID-19, parents of children with special educational needs are spending more time at home taking care of their children. Providing emotional support and physical supplies are particularly important.
2 Oct 2020

Paying it forward

63-year old home-alone Ms Wong received food support from NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
29 Sep 2020

Packaging of Honey Lemon care packs

On 23rd September, volunteers from Swire Trust have partnered with St. James' Settlement to create care packs for vulnerable communities in Hong Kong.
28 Sep 2020

Swire puts its trust in tomorrow for a better future

Tina Chan, Head of Philanthropy for The Swire Group Charitable Trust, spoke to SCMP about TrustTomorrow.
25 Sep 2020

TrustTomorrow's support on pandemic relief

During the first half of 2020, with the early onset of the pandemic, the Swire Trust provided financial relief worth HK$15 million to support projects on food and hygiene, benefitting over 122,000 people in Hong Kong.
24 Sep 2020

Trusting in a better tomorrow

We're launching TrustTomorrow, a new funding initiative to deepen our long-held commitment to Hong Kong and to mark our century and a half of operating here.