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Over the past three years, Swire’s TrustTomorrow initiative has enabled collaboration between NGO partners to build a better community. But this is just the beginning. The long-lasting, positive change brought about by TrustTomorrow will be sustained into the future. Watch the video to see some of the happy moments during TrustTomorrow’s finale events.

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27 Oct 2023

Swire's TrustTomorrow Community Funfair

Swire will be hosting the TrustTomorrow Community Funfair at Quarryside, a Community Space in Quarry Bay. Our nonprofit partners are staging a diverse array of workshops, performances and booths which embody elements of education, marine conservation and the arts. Enjoy these meaningful and fun experiences, and don’t forget to complete the “mini-missions” to win speciality snacks and beverages (while stocks last)! Get ready for a fun-filled Saturday!
26 Sep 2023

Connecting for a Brighter Tomorrow

Aiming to drive long-lasting positive change, Swire’s TrustTomorrow initiative has funded more than 70 projects spanning Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, and also gave a helping hand to the those disadvantaged during the pandemic since its launch in 2020. Having worked with over 100 NGO partners, to date, TrustTomorrow has touched the lives of over 2 million people. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to the NGOs and community partners who have joined hands with us over the last three years, collaborating to build stronger communities, nurture talent and conserve the environment. Together, we can sow the seeds for a brighter future.
25 Sep 2023

Building Tung Chung, Connecting Lives

As Tung Chung rapidly develops, its residents need support from multiple aspects. Supported by TrustTomorrow, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service has partnered up with four local social service organisations, namely InspiringHK Sports Foundation, Playright Children’s Play Association, HKSKH Tung Chung Integrated Services and The Zubin Foundation, to launch the “Building Community, Building Tung Chung” Programme. These NGOs support the community with each of their strengths, proving that the sum is indeed greater than its parts. We believe in the power of making connections. Let’s build a trusting and supportive network in Tung Chung.
21 Dec 2023

Quarryside: Building a dream community

What kind of place makes an ideal community space? Does it need diverse facilities and creative events; should it be a comfortable shared space for the public to enjoy; or should it pass on the area’s history and heritage? You can find all these elements at Quarryside, the newly launched community space in Quarry Bay! The HKSAR Government, Swire TrustTomorrow, St. James’ Settlement and Swire Properties joined forces to create a new, vibrant experience for all within this space.
13 Sep 2023

Empowering Passion for Building the Future

In collaboration with the Vocational Training Council, the Swire Sky-Flyer Work-integrated Learning programme aims to help young people unleash their potential. In addition to vocational and professional education and training, as well as sponsorship for overseas exchanges, the programme provides scholarships to those with an outstanding performance, and a work-placement allowance for students in need of financial support. Companies from across the Swire Group collaborate in offering students workplace experience and training in the specialised fields of engineering, aviation, logistics and services, and hospitality, to enhance their employment prospects.
24 May 2023

Envisioning a future powered by skilled volunteers

There are many ways to make a difference in the world. Have you considered volunteering your skills? Time Auction's skilled-volunteer matching platform is the first of its kind in Hong Kong to help NGOs introduce more volunteering opportunities and connect with volunteers that possess specific skillsets. By contributing your knowledge, experience and expertise, you can help build a better future and experience personal enrichment by redeeming rewarding experiences with your volunteering hours. At TrustTomorrow, we believe we are stronger when we come together as a community. Since its launch, the platform has matched over 616 NGOs with over 11,677 skilled volunteers in over 2,000 volunteer programmes.
27 Mar 2023

Joining Hands For a Better Tomorrow

With every little step we take, we are unknowingly changing the world. Swire TrustTomorrow’s NGO and social enterprise partners are leading change one step at a time while bringing light and hope to our communities. Together, we have the power to make tomorrow better. Let’s revisit the stories of our nine Changemakers:
14 Apr 2023

Unleashing the Power of Music

All it takes is one opportunity for young musicians to develop their talent and pave the way for a career. The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) offers exactly that. Co-directed by the HK Phil and the School of Music of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), TOA’s Fellowship Programme and Young Pro Platform aim to offer professional training for HKAPA graduates and provide the chance to stage themed concerts, giving young musicians a head start in the orchestra industry. TOA members will also get to showcase their gifts to the community through volunteering activities. Let’s take a look at 28 young people who are on this musical journey.
24 Feb 2023

Hope for the Future

“It is not about running away – it is about running towards a more hopeful future.” As a long-distance runner, Virginie believes that sports can make a great impact on our lives. It is why she founded RUN Hong Kong with the aim of helping refugees recover from physical and mental trauma and regain a positive outlook on life through sports and education. By running and hiking outdoors together, refugees in similar predicaments can try to get out of their slumps and move forward in life with new-found confidence and hope.
1 Feb 2023

Let’s keep going forward

“We will not stop; we will keep challenging ourselves and get there – slowly but surely.” To many, getting to the finish line means fighting for first place. However, to Kim and the Fearless Dragons Running Club, it symbolises the spirit of not giving up. Although he has been blind since childhood, Kim is not discouraged by his inability to see. As the founder of the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society and the world’s first-of-its-kind Fearless Dragons running club, he helps people with disabilities to integrate into society. The club consists of runners with visual or hearing impairments along with able-bodied pacers, where a runner and pacer both hold onto the same tether as they head towards every finish line. Driven by the motto “Can’t see. Can’t hear. Can marathon” and Kim’s encouragement, the runners first started with 3km runs before working their way up to 5km and full marathons! No matter far you fall behind, you can still cross the finish line if you keep going forward and do not give up.
11 Jan 2023

A Story of Healing

“All people have the fundamental right to feel good in their bodies and minds and to be part of a caring community regardless of their background or ability.” Over the years, yoga instructor Hersha’s students have included stroke survivors, rare disease sufferers, and even prosthetic limb wearers – people for whom yoga is particularly beneficial, as it can help relieve their physical pain. In doing so, Hersha realised that people who actually need yoga therapy the most are often those who cannot afford it. The revelation inspired her to establish the YAMA Foundation with an aim to provide well-being services, such as yoga lessons, to Hong Kong's most vulnerable communities.
30 Dec 2022

Wandering around the music world

Last year, six fellows from the first season of The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) performed with the HK Phil. Besides receiving one-on-one professional guidance by the musicians, they also had the opportunity to participate in community concerts – enjoying fruitful experiences both onstage and offstage. Let’s take a look at their musical journey so far. Background music: Symphony No. 39 by Mozart, played by the fellows from TOA
13 Dec 2022

Restoring an Endangered Habitat

“The best way that you can conserve nature over the long term is actually to come see and experience it.” Eight years ago, Marine said goodbye to the fashion world and embarked on an entirely different path. She joined The Nature Conservancy in Hong Kong as a volunteer and worked her way up to where she is now. When she steps onto the mudflats to look for endangered horseshoe crabs, Marine feels a deep and unbreakable bond with nature. Marine and her team strive to restore the mudflat habitats and reconfigure the oyster reefs, and strengthen the public’s connection with nature so that more people will join her in protecting and cherishing the environment.
22 Nov 2022

Dare to Break Barriers

“Walter can be anything except for a pilot.” As a child, Walter was diagnosed with retinal degeneration, which left him with only 30% vision. Despite his condition, Walter’s mother always encouraged him to try new things. He won a place at The Chinese University of Hong Kong after achieving one A and two Bs in his A-Levels, and interned at German and Hong Kong investment banks. Although his résumé was impressive, his visual impairment remained a significant barrier to employment. This challenge inspired him to establish the Care-ER Association, which is dedicated to improving the career prospects of people with disabilities and fostering workplace inclusion.
26 Oct 2022

A Lost Soul Finds His Way Back

“Homeless is not helpless. Helping others is helping yourself.” As a young man, Chi Chuen earned a decent living in the catering industry. Unfortunately, he lost his savings to alcoholism and gambling, and ended up living on the streets for a decade. With help from Christian Concern For The Homeless Association, he kicked his bad habits and joined the Association leading its Light Walker Tours in Sham Shui Po, where he educates people on the lives of the homeless. He believes that helping others is helping oneself, and he is driven by this mission today. He wishes to instil hope in others by sharing his story and proving that change is possible.
7 Oct 2022

A Wanderer’s Tale

“It had been a long time since I had spoken to anyone. They even asked me what I wanted!” Looking back, Ah Lik is still moved by the memories of the ImpactHK volunteers he met on one of their Kindness Walks a few years ago, in particular, the children who shook his hand and talked with him. For years, Ah Lik had lived without much food nor shelter, spending his days feeling hungry, desperate, and alone. When he was invited by the volunteers to the 29 community centre, Ah Lik felt his heart melt from the kindness shown. Now as a full time assistant at the centre, Ah Lik has not only found employment, but also friendship, care, and a sense of belonging. Today, Ah Lik hopes to help other homeless people rejoin society – just as the ImpactHK volunteers helped him do so back then.
23 Sep 2022

A Journey in Marine Conservation

“Every little bit counts, and every person counts” Dr Celia Schunter, who comes from southern Germany, is an assistant professor at the Swire Institute of Marine Science. She became fascinated by the ocean as a child and always wanted to be a marine biologist. Today, as marine ecosystems rapidly degrade, Celia and her team are studying how different species might respond to the acidified oceans of the future and how to protect organisms that might struggle to adapt. Every piece of research fits together to help us understand how to preserve the beauty of nature and protect our oceans.
29 Aug 2022

Opening Up Future Possibilities

“I hope to broaden my students’ horizons through education and open their eyes to a bigger world.” Kenny counts himself lucky to have grown up in a good environment with abundant learning resources. When he came across Teach For Hong Kong, Kenny felt a calling to promote educational equity, so he quit his consultancy job to become a teacher. His approach goes beyond textbooks, inspiring grassroots students to plan for their futures and forge their own paths.
23 Aug 2022

Pak Nai: A Haven for People and Wildlife

Nature and wildlife photographer Kyle Obermann captures natural wonders from all over the world, including Pak Nai, a renowned sunset viewing destination in Hong Kong. Apart from breathtaking scenery, Pak Nai features rich wetland wildlife. Kyle’s beautiful photographs documented The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to restore oyster reefs and the creatures that live on the mudflats, reminding us to protect this haven for people and wildlife.
2 Aug 2021

An Inspirational Mentor On A Musician's Journey

A mentor can help us to develop our strengths and achieve our goals. Funded by TrustTomorrow, The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) aims to nurture young local musicians. Candidates admitted to TOA’s Fellowship Programme will have the opportunity to train intensively at the HK Phil and received one-on-one guidance from professional musicians under mentorship scheme. Benjamin Moermond (Ben), Principal Bassoon with the HK Phil, is Fox’s mentor. In addition to discussing technique and performance, Ben also advises Fox on daily practice, concerts , auditions and more. This has helped Fox to improve both his bassoon skills and his confidence – valuable gains in his musical journey. Ben remarked, “Fox was perhaps a bit shy for the first few weeks but he grew tremendously during the programme. By the end of the season, he was fully comfortable performing with the orchestra!”
22 Jul 2022

The Power of Music

“I want to plant a seed in people’s hearts, giving us strength that will carry us through life’s ups and downs.”​ Do you believe in the power of music? To Alice Hui, music has always been her cornerstone, giving her strength all through life. As a Fellow of The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong in the HK Phil, Alice gives back to society by performing for underprivileged children and teaching the visually impaired to play the flute, using music to empower them to face life’s challenges.​
20 Jul 2022

Well Dunk teens and their basketball dreams

TrustTomorrow recently sponsored three Tung Chung teams in InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s Well Dunk programme. Through professional training and formal competitions, underprivileged youth persevered in the face of adversity and tested their endurance. The highlight of the programme was the "Well Dunk! Grand Finals" , which concluded on 16 July. Awardees of “The Best Player on the Team” took the stage to share valuable lessons from their journeys!
30 Jun 2022

A Passion-driven Story in Animation

“Believe in me, just as I’ve always believed in you.” A sudden diagnosis compelled Him to reconsider what mattered to him in life. After chancing upon an advertisement for courses at Act Plus, he decided to pursue his childhood dream in animation and turn his hobby into a career. Since then, he has taken part in the production of “The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes”, a Hong Kong-made animated movie. He has also faced many failures and setbacks along the way. Today, as an animation tutor, he hopes to help underprivileged students find their strengths and goals in life.
14 Jun 2022

The Story of a Hot Meal

“A hot meal is not much, but it means a lot to seniors in need.” Maria Sung, owner of the social enterprise Holy Cafe Bakery, hires people with special learning needs to help them integrate into society. During the pandemic, even when business was hard, Mrs Sung still delivered free hot meals to underprivileged elderly and those in need.
12 Jun 2022

Let’s Make a Change Together

Distributing lunch boxes, creating animated stories, or playing a song may seem like small efforts, but they can make a world of difference! By working hand-in-hand with NGO partners, TrustTomorrow strives to bring more hope into people’s lives with every step we take! Since the TrustTomorrow initiative was launched over a year ago, many Changemakers have shared inspiring stories and experiences. A small change today can make for a better tomorrow.
26 May 2022

Support the underprivileged

One of the latest TrustTomorrow programmes is a HK$9 million donation to more than 30 member NGOs of Hong Kong Council of Social Service, supporting them in their efforts to provide various essential services to vulnerable groups and help them get through the recent wave.
28 Apr 2022

Marine conservation starts with a choice

National Geographic Explorer Stanley Shea became interested in marine biology while completing his MPhil and ended up joining the international marine conservation group, Bloom Association, by coincidence.
25 Mar 2021

HK$150 million for TrustTomorrow

Swire has been thriving with Hong Kong for 150 years and we have remained committed to this city through the many ups and downs.
2 Mar 2022

Getting Through COVID-19 Together

Amid the fifth wave of COVID-19, Swire Trust has pledged HK$15.5 million through its TrustTomorrow initiative. The latest programmes will be rolled out in March to provide essential services that vulnerable groups have been unable to access, helping them retain a level of well-being in these challenging times.
7 Feb 2022

Revitalising coral reefs

The coral reefs in Hong Kong waters are so diverse, even more so than the Caribbean Sea which has the world’s largest coral concentrations.
17 Jan 2022

Protect Napoleon fish

“If Napoleon fish becomes extinct, the next generation will never see this beautiful fish again,” marine biologist Dr. Yvonne Sadovy says.
1 Nov 2021

Swire Walks By Your Side

Paul Chan and the team from Walk In Hong Kong helped curate the guided tour of Swire’s “Believe in Hong Kong” exhibition. In the course of preparing the tour, Paul reflected on his longstanding bond with Swire, from collecting Coca-Cola bottle caps for the free yoyos to living in Swire Hall and winning a Swire scholarship as a student at the University of Hong Kong.
20 Oct 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: WELL DUNK! Tung Chung

Funded by Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow and organised by InspiringHK Sports Foundation, the WELL DUNK! Public Estate Basketball League and Training programme has formed three youth basketball teams in Tung Chung to promote cohesion through sport while giving young people from underprivileged backgrounds a chance to shine and pursue an athletic career.
27 Jul 2021

TrustTomorrow on Marine Conservation: Oceans Tomorrow

Marine conservation is one of Swire Trust’s key focus areas. Through its TrustTomorrow initiative, it partnered with National Geographic to launch the "Oceans Tomorrow" campaign.
23 Jul 2021

TrustTomorrow bus shelter

The weather has been unpredictable lately, making bus shelters a godsend for passengers – including the one with TrustTomorrow’s giant poster along Chater Road, near Statue Square.
26 Jul 2021

【My Swire Stories】Live for music

Standing on-stage with a viola resting on his left shoulder, Andrew Ling is the picture of concentration as his fingertips move swiftly across the strings; his other hand drawing the bow gracefully.
21 Jul 2021

TrustTomorrow Marine Conservation: Night Safari

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow initiative has been supporting the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society in inspiring the public through education and scientific research to appreciate and protect wild birds and their ecological environment.
30 Jun 2021

Spreading Cheer Through Art

Established by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, ADAM is a social enterprise that strives to create professional opportunities for local artists with disabilities.
12 Jul 2021

Showing Care and Compassion for Ethnic Minorities

Joining forces once again with Soap Cycling, Swire Trust volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help make recycled soap on 26 June.
8 Jul 2021

Leading the trend, creating a classic taste

“Coca-Cola” remains a beloved classic, evoking a feeling of refreshment and a taste of happiness.
2 Jul 2021

TrustTomorrow Marine Conservation: Protecting Corals

Hong Kong’s beautiful waters are home to diverse marine life deserving of careful protection.
24 Jun 2021

Building a vibrant community of friends through art and music

Swire has been committed to creating a vibrant community in Quarry Bay, from the time the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and Taikoo Dockyard were located there to the bustling hub it has become today with Taikoo Shing, Cityplaza and Taikoo Place.
22 Jun 2021

Sharing food for the good of society

Feeding Hong Kong addresses food shortage and food waste by collecting high-quality food items that would otherwise be thrown out, and redistributing them to the underprivileged.
18 Jun 2021

Commemorating 150 years of Hong Kong stories

Swire has grown with Hong Kong for one and a half century. To mark this important milestone, the Group has compiled a commemorative book of stories, as told by people and mementos.
10 Jun 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: Flying high

Joe and Joanne are twin sisters who joined HAECO Hong Kong together after graduation. As Senior Aircraft Mechanics, they are thriving in a male-dominated industry and living their dream to guard the skies.
9 Jun 2021

Journeying through 150 Years of Swire

Have you noticed the large-scale Swire posters that are currently on display across the city?
7 Jun 2021

Walking with the homeless

Every homeless person has their own story. Through regular ‘Kindness Walks ’, ImpactHK has built trust and friendship with them, in hopes of bringing about opportunities for change.
4 Jun 2021

Serve with heart   Believe in a better tomorrow

Other than sponsoring projects in the areas of Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow hopes to support NGOs through volunteer programmes, where our people serve together to build a better community.
25 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: Promoting Reading on Campus

Reading can take you anywhere. It supports growth and self-development, fostering knowledge and creativity, and inspiring the imagination.
27 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education : Building an inclusive community

Christian Action – Centre for Refugees strives to serve those who are disadvantaged, marginalised, displaced or abandoned, regardless of their age, gender, nationality and religion.
21 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: A comfortable and nurturing home

Through Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow initiative, the Swire Inclusive Community Fund is subsidising four NGOs that help disadvantaged groups that are easily overlooked or suffering from generational poverty.
17 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: Swire Scholars

Two Swire Scholarships recipients (Swire Scholars) look back on how the scholarship brought them closer to their dreams, as well as how their achievements now enable them to give back to society.
13 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education : Promoting equal opportunities in education

Besides providing clinical support for students with special educational needs as well as their families, The Education University of Hong Kong’s Supporting Unit for Special Educational Needs (SuSEN) also trains educators so that students can enjoy equal learning opportunities.
11 May 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education: LEAP into Life

Meaningful life education can plant the seeds of positivity in students’ minds.
23 Apr 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education : Actively promoting a reading culture

In conjunction with World Book Day on 23rd April, Taikoo Primary School organised a series of activities to celebrate the joy of reading.
20 Apr 2021

TrustTomorrow on Education

The TrustTomorrow initiative creates education opportunities for our community through partnering with organisations such as VTC, Time Auction and CareER.
15 Apr 2021

Provide food assistance for people in need

On 10th April, 20 TrustTomorrow volunteers gave a helping hand to Feeding Hong Kong, supporting the NGO in packing food parcels, which included key staples such as cooking oil, noodles and canned goods. 
15 Apr 2021

My Swire Stories

We are now launching a MySwireStories Instagram page to showcase stories of Swire, its people and encounters over the past 150 years.
9 Apr 2021

Helping underprivileged youth thrive

As the pandemic continues to transform the economy, young people need to be better equipped to cope with the different challenges.
26 Mar 2021

A new charitable pledge

To reaffirm the Group’s ongoing commitment to Hong Kong, Swire has injected an additional HK$150 million into Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow initiative. Learn more from the news.
26 Mar 2021

Supporting NGO Growth

Swire Trust is working with Pico Global to host a free online workshop for their NGO partners.
22 Mar 2021

Building new lives for the marginalised group

Run by ImpactHK, ‘29’ is a community centre which provides career training and job opportunities for people who are experiencing homelessness.
18 Mar 2021

Time Auction

Swire Trust has sponsored Time Auction to create Mobilising Volunteers For Good, a programme that incentivises volunteering, while providing participants with opportunities to meet and gain mentorship from diverse industry leaders.
15 Mar 2021

Project Home Works!

Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong will improve the homes of over 60 underprivileged families, creating a study area for the kids with new tables and chairs to enhance their learning environment.
10 Mar 2021

Fighting the virus with the homeless

This February onwards, Swire Trust has donated to three non-profit organisations to help them provide food, pandemic care resources, as well as mental health support, career training, and employment support to those in need.
24 Feb 2021

“Building Community, Building Tung Chung”: Encouraging diverse activities that support physical and mental development

Through its “Building Community, Building Tung Chung” initiative, TrustTomorrow has been organising six online activities each month to help promote family wellbeing, as the pandemic continues to keep students at home.
22 Feb 2021

Building Community, Building Tung Chung - SCMP article

“Building Community, Building Tung Chung” is a partnership between the Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, four local NGOs and the Association of School Heads of Islands District.
10 Feb 2021

Share the joy of cooking with Joyful Express

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow is sponsoring St. James’ Settlement’s FOOD-CO through the Joyful Express community programme.
4 Feb 2021

Share the joy of cooking– Korean-style shrimp fried rice with Chinese cabbage

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Chef Lee Tak Sum, Executive Chef of Swire Hotels – The Upper House, will teach us how to make Korean-style shrimp fried rice with Chinese cabbage.
1 Feb 2021

Share the joy of cooking with the Joyful Cookbook

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow, is once again joining hands with St. James’ Settlement’s FOOD-CO. This year’s Joyful Express community programme will provide food and daily necessities to individuals in need.
29 Jan 2021

Class stops, exercising doesn’t! – Rope Skipping

Kathy and Sum Yi from the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team will be showing you some basic rope skipping skills in a video by InspiringHK Sports Foundation.
26 Jan 2021

Sharing Warmth with the Elderly during COVID

Swire Trust's TrustTomorrow initiative teamed up with HandsOn Hong Kong and the Methodist Centre to launch a phone support initiative under the Integrated Discharge Support Programme for Elderly Patients.
21 Jan 2021

Class stops, exercising doesn’t! - Fencing

Vivian Kong from the Hong Kong Fencing Team joins InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s video series to teach us how to use our hand to “fence” with friends and family, anytime!
20 Jan 2021

A sound commitment for the future

Swire Group (Swire) will be continuing its sponsorship of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) as Principal Patron for another three years from April 2021, with a grant of HK$46.4 million, the biggest corporate donation in the orchestra’s history.
18 Jan 2021

Building the Tung Chung community

Swire Trust has partnered with five local NGOs to create ‘Building Community • Building Tung Chung’, with first phase of the project lasting for six months.
18 Jan 2021

Class stops, exercising doesn’t!

InspiringHK Sports Foundation is teaming up with Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow to boost spirits through physical exercise with a series of online and offline activities in Tung Chung.
14 Jan 2021

Storytime with Auntie Choi: Episode IV [Hug Time]

Auntie Choi will be sharing Hug Time, a picture book by Patrick McDonnell. Join us and experience the warmth of a good hug!
13 Jan 2021

The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong

Co-directed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (“HKAPA”), The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (“TOA”) is launched with the support of a HK$9 million sponsorship from the Swire Trust.
12 Jan 2021

What’s a marine protected area?

Swire Trust is working to create sustainable marine ecosystems in Hong Kong.
11 Jan 2021

Driving community inclusion to make a difference

To drive community inclusion and foster stronger connections with especially ethnic minority youths, Tina Chan, Swire’s Group Head of Philanthropy talked to the SCMP about the programmes that Swire has supported on to make a difference.
8 Jan 2021

Striving for better through “Building Community, Building Tung Chung”

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow supports local communities by developing long-term solutions in partnership with non-NGOs.
7 Jan 2021

Storytime with Auntie Choi: Episode III [Extra Yarn] 

If you have something that will never get used up, what would you do with it? Auntie Choi will tell us all about it in “Extra Yarn”, a picture book by Mac Barnett.
2 Jan 2021

Swire Trust’s collaboration with ADAHK

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow programme has invited two artists from the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) to host online workshops on DIY home décor and portrait sketching.
30 Dec 2020

Draw your loved ones: portrait sketching

Artist Teresa Ho from Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong will share tips on drawing quick portraits.
30 Dec 2020

Relieve stress through art during the pandemic

As part of Swire Trust’s efforts to support and care for the community, TrustTomorrow has collaborated with the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) to provide a platform for the public to enjoy art through the See You Online series.
24 Dec 2020

Building Community, Building Tung Chung

“Building Community, Building Tung Chung” is a partnership between Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow funding initiative, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, four local NGOs and the Association of School Heads of Islands District.
23 Dec 2020

DIY Reindeer Christmas Lights

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Artist Alice Leung from the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong will teach you how to make Reindeer Christmas lights.
21 Dec 2020

Fun art workshops with ADAHK artists

We are delighted to have invited artists from the ADAHK to lead two virtual art workshops starting this week. See You Online!
17 Dec 2020

Clarinet performance – the captivating sound of music

Clarinet player Lau Wai from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra will share with us the special attributes of clarinet.
16 Dec 2020

Give back to the community

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow funding initiative has teamed up with non-profit organisations to supply care-packs to underprivileged families during the pandemic.
12 Dec 2020

Swire’s Symphony Under the Stars – See You Tonight!

Watch the Swire Symphony Under the Stars tonight at 7:30pm and immerse yourself in the musical vibes!
11 Dec 2020

"BE THE STARS” this Saturday when the HK Phil goes online with Swire Symphony Under The Stars 2020

【Swire Symphony Under The Stars】See you online tomorrow (12 Dec) at HKT 7:30pm!
3 Dec 2020

Lighten up the mood with a light melody

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra French Horn player Homer Lee and Percussion player Sophia Woo will show us how to create our own musical melodies at home.
30 Nov 2020

Spreading positivity through the power of music

Since 2006, Swire has been Principal Patron of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, helping bring enrichment into the lives of Hong Kong people by making classical music accessible to all.
27 Nov 2020

“See You Online”: Exploring the Wonders of Art with You this December

We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback since the November launch of “See You Online” —a series of online activity videos produced by Swire Trust along with our partner NGOs, artists and performers. Stay tuned for next month’s programme, as we continue to share exciting music and arts-related content with you. 
26 Nov 2020

Let’s Get Moving—Kids Yoga

Hersha and Margaret are yoga therapists from the Joshua Hellmann Foundation and they’re here to guide you through a Kids Yoga practice.
23 Nov 2020

Doing yoga together at home is a great way to bond as a family

Doing yoga together at home is a great way to bond as a family and build relationships with your kids. You can have fun and be silly, which helps ease stress during the pandemic.
19 Nov 2020

Boost Your Physical and Mental Health with Hatha Yoga

We’ve invited Hersha and Margaret, yoga therapists from The Joshua Hellmann Foundation for Orphan Disease, to guide us all through a Hatha yoga practice!
16 Nov 2020

Improving physical and mental wellbeing for children with special needs

On 19th and 26th November, JHF yoga therapists will share useful yoga practices, so you can stay active and relax at the same time, even at home.
27 Oct 2020

Giving back brings its own reward

During this difficult time, TrustTomorrow has funded St. James Settlement’s FOOD-CO platforms again to deliver fresh food packs to those in need.
12 Nov 2020

Storytime with Auntie Choi: Episode II [Something from Nothing]

We’ve invited Auntie Choi to share this tale, which is all about believing in the unlimited possibilities of life!
5 Nov 2020

Storytime with Auntie Choi: Episode I [Miss Rumphius]

In this uplifting and inspiring tale, Miss Rumphius fulfills her childhood promise to make the world a more beautiful place. Auntie Choi is here to share Miss Rumphius’ story with us.
2 Nov 2020

See the world through the lens of online reading

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow initiative has provided beneficiary families of partnering NGOs with online parent-child activities, in hopes to encourage families to continue their love for reading.
29 Oct 2020

Stay home with us: See You Online

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow has partnered with a number of NGOs to introduce “See You Online”: a programme that allows you and your family to take part in virtual storytelling sessions and yoga classes at home.
19 Oct 2020

Keeping students safe at school

Under the TrustTomorrow funding initiative, Swire Trust has subsidised the use of Germagic disinfecting spray in 18 special education needs schools with boarding facilities.
16 Oct 2020

“Noodles for Love” $50 Matching Donation campaign

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow funding initiative is bringing positive energy to the community via the joy of cooking by supporting Swire Properties’ new community-outreach programme “Noodles for Love”.
15 Oct 2020

TrustTomorrow’s timely solutions answer pressing needs of the community

Through the TrustTomorrow initiative, we work closely with NGO partners and beneficiaries to provide ‘close to the ground’ food and hygiene support to the needy.
9 Oct 2020

Reinforcing our commitment to Hong Kong

Building on our first round of funding earlier this year, Swire Trust rolled out an additional HK$14 million in late September to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
8 Oct 2020

Creating opportunities for a better tomorrow

iMoney talks to Tina Chan, Head of Philanthropy for The Swire Group Charitable Trust, about the programmes that are being rolled out through TrustTomorrow.
7 Oct 2020

Elderly care during the pandemic

As we battle through COVID-19, elderly people are amongst the most vulnerable members of our community. Granny Ho, a 90-year-old who suffers from chronic illnesses, is one example.
5 Oct 2020

Spread kindness through extending a helping hand

During COVID-19, parents of children with special educational needs are spending more time at home taking care of their children. Providing emotional support and physical supplies are particularly important.
2 Oct 2020

Paying it forward

63-year old home-alone Ms Wong received food support from NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
29 Sep 2020

Packaging of Honey Lemon care packs

On 23rd September, volunteers from Swire Trust have partnered with St. James' Settlement to create care packs for vulnerable communities in Hong Kong.
28 Sep 2020

Swire puts its trust in tomorrow for a better future

Tina Chan, Head of Philanthropy for The Swire Group Charitable Trust, spoke to SCMP about TrustTomorrow.
25 Sep 2020

TrustTomorrow's support on pandemic relief

During the first half of 2020, with the early onset of the pandemic, the Swire Trust provided financial relief worth HK$15 million to support projects on food and hygiene, benefitting over 122,000 people in Hong Kong.
24 Sep 2020

Trusting in a better tomorrow

We're launching TrustTomorrow, a new funding initiative to deepen our long-held commitment to Hong Kong and to mark our century and a half of operating here.