Building a vibrant community of friends through art and music

Swire has been committed to creating a vibrant community in Quarry Bay, from the time the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and Taikoo Dockyard were located there to the bustling hub it has become today with Taikoo Shing, Cityplaza and Taikoo Place. In 2014, Swire Properties launched PROJECT AFTER 6 so that office workers in Taikoo Place could meet friends through art and music, strengthening bonds towards building a joyful community.


Three participants of PROJECT AFTER 6 have shared this experience, from the selection process right up to their successful shortlisting. After intensive rehearsals and workshops, they finally stepped onstage to showcase their talents and realise their dreams in music, adding a little bliss to their busy lives.


This year's PROJECT AFTER 6: MUSIC WORKS connects office workers and musicians for in-depth exchanges, bringing more music into offices to promote a healthy workplace culture. For more details, please visit the Taikoo Place website (

Note: This video was recorded earlier. You are suggested to keep a distance from others (at least 1.5 metre) and wear a face mask.