TrustTomorrow's support on pandemic relief

During the first half of 2020, with the early onset of the pandemic, the Swire Trust provided financial relief worth HK$15 million to support projects on food and hygiene, benefitting over 122,000 people in Hong Kong. These projects included:

  • Delivering fresh food to the needy – In partnership with St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO, we have delivered fresh food packs to 5,000 underprivileged individuals since March 2020, through 108 NGOs, churches and schools. 

  • Providing immediate support to communities in need – In partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (“HKCSS”), we launched a Community Fund in early 2020 to support a wide range of initiatives, benefitting over 25,000 people through 25 NGOs. The initiatives included providing food, hygiene and social care support, loaning second-hand tablets to children from disadvantaged families for online learning, and arranging nurse to make home visits to the elderly.

  • Providing hand sanitisers – In partnership with HKCSS, we provided over 90,000 bottles of hand sanitisers to NGOs and disadvantaged groups and distributed leaflets to promote health and hygiene.

  • Subsidising rent for subdivided residential units – From May to June 2020, we worked with HKCSS to provide 500 underprivileged households with a one-off subsidy of HK$5,000 each - equivalent to the median monthly rent of a subdivided residential unit.

  • Distributing care packs – In partnership with HandsOn Hong Kong, we distributed care packs to 315 families through five NGOs to support underprivileged groups.

The upcoming TrustTomorrow initiatives, to be rolled out in late September, will fund relief support worth HK$14 million, that will benefit over 100,000 people in Hong Kong through 85 organisations. We will keep you posted with the latest updates on this progress.