Share the joy of cooking with the Joyful Cookbook

Swire Trust’s TrustTomorrow, is once again joining hands with St. James’ Settlement’s FOOD-CO. This year’s Joyful Express community programme will provide food and daily necessities to individuals in need. To inspire new ideas for homecooked meals, individuals will also receive the Joyful Cookbook, compiled by chefs of Swire Hotels.

Cooking has become a daily routine for us during the pandemic lockdown. If you’re running out of ideas for new dishes, you’re in luck. Starting this week, the Executive Chef of The Upper House from Swire Hotels will be teaching us two recipes from the Joyful Cookbook. Stay tuned on this page to learn how to whip up delicious meals using simple ingredients and cooking techniques. See You Online!

Air dates and dishes from the Joyful Cooking video series:

4th February – Korean style shrimp fried rice with Chinese cabbage

10th February – Duck breast soba