A Wanderer’s Tale

“It had been a long time since I had spoken to anyone. They even asked me what I wanted!” Looking back, Ah Lik is still moved by the memories of the ImpactHK volunteers he met on one of their Kindness Walks a few years ago, in particular, the children who shook his hand and talked with him. For years, Ah Lik had lived without much food nor shelter, spending his days feeling hungry, desperate, and alone. When he was invited by the volunteers to the 29 community centre, Ah Lik felt his heart melt from the kindness shown. Now as a full time assistant at the centre, Ah Lik has not only found employment, but also friendship, care, and a sense of belonging.

Today, Ah Lik hopes to help other homeless people rejoin society – just as the ImpactHK volunteers helped him do so back then.