My Swire Stories

For 150 years, Swire has grown with Hong Kong. To affirm our ongoing commitment to the city, we have contributed HK$150 million to Swire Trust to fund its TrustTomorrow initiative, to drive lasting and positive change in the community.

We are now launching a MySwireStories Instagram page to showcase stories of Swire, its people and encounters over the past 150 years. We would love to involve you to:

  • Follow the MySwireStories Instagram page and stay abreast of inspiring Swire stories, among which include the newly launched Swire Stories – Company Town video.
  • Share your most memorable Swire memories and stories from the past, present and future. For every selected entry, a HK$500 cash coupon from Marathon Sports will be given away. Selected stories may be featured on Swire’s social media pages. Enter by e-mailing the below materials to
  1. A Swire-related photo (in jpg/png, sized below 10MB) or a video link, which could be about an object, an event or an experience you wish to share.
  2. A short description in no more than 150 words in English or Chinese.

We look forward to hearing from you!

When participating in the above activity, you accept and agree to all the terms and conditions below:

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