【My Swire Stories】Live for music

Standing on-stage with a viola resting on his left shoulder, Andrew Ling is the picture of concentration as his fingertips move swiftly across the strings; his other hand drawing the bow gracefully. Surrounded by violins since childhood, Andrew has always dreamed of becoming a musician. Upon graduating, he successfully joined the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil), gaining many opportunities to work with top local and international musicians. He has also dedicated himself to nurturing local talent. Andrew currently serves as one of the panellists for the Fellowship Programme of The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (2021/22 Season), a three-year programme jointly founded by HK Phil and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2021 under the sponsorship of Swire Trust's TrustTomorrow initiative, to train local students and promote their orchestral career development.

Andrew said, "Music makes everything in life more wonderful. One very important thing I have learned from music is how to demonstrate one’s best self, to contribute to the orchestra, and even to our society. I want to show that classical music is not inaccessible. I hope to help passionate young people develop their musical talent and keep music alive."