An Inspirational Mentor On A Musician's Journey

A mentor can help us to develop our strengths and achieve our goals.

Funded by TrustTomorrow, The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong (TOA) aims to nurture young local musicians. Candidates admitted to TOA’s Fellowship Programme will have the opportunity to train intensively at the HK Phil and received one-on-one guidance from professional musicians under mentorship scheme.

Benjamin Moermond (Ben), Principal Bassoon with the HK Phil, is Fox’s mentor. In addition to discussing technique and performance, Ben also advises Fox on daily practice, concerts , auditions and more. This has helped Fox to improve both his bassoon skills and his confidence – valuable gains in his musical journey.

Ben remarked, “Fox was perhaps a bit shy for the first few weeks but he grew tremendously during the programme. By the end of the season, he was fully comfortable performing with the orchestra!”

Photo 1 by The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong
Photo 2 - 4 by Marco Tse & David Chung

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