Let’s keep going forward

“We will not stop; we will keep challenging ourselves and get there – slowly but surely.”

To many, getting to the finish line means fighting for first place. However, to Kim and the Fearless Dragons Running Club, it symbolises the spirit of not giving up. Although he has been blind since childhood, Kim is not discouraged by his inability to see. As the founder of the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society and the world’s first-of-its-kind Fearless Dragons running club, he helps people with disabilities to integrate into society. The club consists of runners with visual or hearing impairments along with able-bodied pacers, where a runner and pacer both hold onto the same tether as they head towards every finish line. Driven by the motto “Can’t see. Can’t hear. Can marathon” and Kim’s encouragement, the runners first started with 3km runs before working their way up to 5km and full marathons! No matter far you fall behind, you can still cross the finish line if you keep going forward and do not give up.