Health and safety

Our business objectives should never be allowed to compromise safety. We believe all incidents are preventable. Whilst all operations involve risk, we aim to achieve the ultimate goal of zero harm to all employees, customers, visitors and contractors during their association with the company.

Health and Safety Policy

In our operations our first priority is to safeguard the health and safety of all stakeholders. (More details can be found in our Health & Safety Policy.)


Health & Safety Governance

The Swire Pacific Health and Safety Committee reports to the Group Risk Management Committee, which in turn reports via the Audit Committee to the Board. The members of the Health and Safety Committee are senior representatives, with responsibility for health and safety, from each of Swire Pacific’s five operating divisions.

There is a separate Chinese Mainland Health and Safety Working Group, which deals with health and safety issues in the Chinese Mainland, where regulations can vary between provinces and change regularly.


Safety Performance

We record lost time injury rates and lost day rates. We set targets for improvement annually. The divisions report on safety quarterly. The Board receives regular updates on safety performance. (More details can be found in our Sustainability Report.)

The Health and Safety Policy of Swire Pacific