We recognise that our success depends critically on our staff. We aim to be an employer of choice by providing an environment in which all employees are treated fairly and with respect. We want talented individuals to want to work for us, and we offer competitive remuneration and benefits, and provide training to enable staff to realise their potential. It is essential to our future that we identify, attract, develop and retain the right people. To do this, we put a lot of effort into finding and training the right people.

Ethos International's leadership training

Ethos International, Swire's in-house leadership development company, designs and delivers learning and development programmes, such as the Swire Leadership Programme, for promising staff across Swire and has developed a centralised framework to support our highly diverse group of companies. These programmes ensure that participants develop the capabilities needed to perform and progress, aided by detailed assessments and highly tailored training. This is supplemented by enrolling managers in business management and executive programmes at noted international institutions such as INSEAD and Stanford University. Ethos' training programmes emphasise sustainability and contribute to the on-going development of a strong corporate culture and a style of leadership that is consistent with Swire values across all levels of leadership. Ethos also designs the leadership development curriculum for the Swire Management Trainee Programme, that accepts close to 20 high-calibre graduates every year with a view to developing their professionalism for a long-term career.

Committed to a living wage

Finlays' wages in Kenya, where an agreed living wage rate is absent, are among the most competitive in their sectors. Finlays are steadfast in their commitment to pay wages that are fair, compliant with collective bargaining agreements where they exist, and competitive within its markets and industry. In addition, Finlays provide staff in Kenya with free housing, medical care, transport and subsidised meals, which add substantially to the overall value of the employment package. As an ethical employer of over 32,000 people in the developing world, Finlays will continue to engage constructively with relevant stakeholders in shaping the ongoing debate over the definition of a living wage and in providing meaningful employment that is fairly and competitively remunerated.

USCS University

United States Cold Storage (USCS) believes in equipping its people for their long-term career development. Through a range of educational programmes and job-specific training, employees from all departments are given on-going opportunities to advance within the company. Training is offered both in-house and through industry regulated, external programmes, focusing on job-specific skills, safety practices and industry trends. One in-house initiative is USCS University, a week-long course designed to acquaint warehouse employees with topics such as systems control, supervisory functions and workplace safety. Managed by USCS's Continuous Improvement and Training Team, the course is offered in three separate tracks every six months.