Swire is committed to the sustainable development of our businesses. We provide quality products and services to customers; strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activities; and carefully consider the needs of our community, making positive contributions wherever we can.

In all our business dealings we insist on the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, and transparency. We offer our staff equitable, safe, and healthy workplaces, and foster their career development. We pursue operational excellence in everything we do, priding ourselves on being forward-looking, innovative, and original. These qualities are the foundation to our success and vital to our long-term sustainability.

We are proud of our sustainability achievements to date. Believing that business can flourish alongside the environment, we have made significant investments in sustainable operations, always considering our commitment to our shareholders. Occasionally a project with excellent sustainability credentials may not make economic sense. To give these worthy initiatives a second chance John Swire & Sons established the Sustainable Development Fund in 2013, offering £20m in support annually.