I chose Swire for its reputation in people development. Knowing that Swire has thoughtfully designed a long-term career development programme for us, I feel confident about pursuing my career and life goals with the company.

I joined Swire in August 2013 and was extremely lucky to be seconded to TaiKoo Place Management Office, the team that deals with Office Leasing and Management activities at Hong Kong’s largest wholly-owned Office Development. As clichéd as this may sound, there is no conventional answer to your “What is your average day like?” question. One moment, I might be working on a 5-year portfolio budget and the next moment you might see me guiding prospective clients around our office portfolio with my manager. It is this diversity of responsibilities that keeps me excited every day. In fact, the most exciting yet challenging aspect of my current role is encountering uncertainty. TaiKoo Place’s redevelopment plans are changing by the minute and I have learnt to embrace this. I am now much more proactive with the ideas I offer to my team.

Speaking of ideas, a major perk of being a Swire MT is being involved in strategic meetings with senior managers and having the chance to share your ideas, voice opinions and make recommendations. A recent example is how a few of us MTs proposed a solution to a longstanding ineffective operational practice. After spending hours on research and liaising with other departments, we came up with a solution that was immediately given the green light. I was also thrilled when a newly-acquired building was given the name I suggested!

What appeals to me about Swire and Swire Properties are our values of Excellence and Continuity. Almost every established business faces the adapt-or-die situation, and Swire is no exception. We are always seeking the next best opportunities and I am privileged to be heavily involved in some revolutionary ventures which Swire Properties is implementing on sustainability, digitisation, and co-working. It is particularly exciting to be a driver of these transformations because they will set the bar for the industry.

Work-life balance is very important to me. As well as my running and fitness regimen, I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion in the performing arts with the company. Staging a musical production, which was co-organised by Swire Properties with office tenants from TaiKoo Place and Cityplaza, was an unforgettable experience. The next big gig is our annual dinner that will definitely be filled with endless singing and dancing!

If you enjoy being challenged and getting out of your comfort zone, then Swire is definitely the place for you. I am climbing hard on that steep learning curve and what adds to the excitement is having the opportunity to challenge convention and leverage on creativity.

My name is Jenny Siu. I am a Property Officer in Swire Properties in Hong Kong. I joined the Swire Group Staff Management Trainee Programme in 2013 and I wrote this to give you a better idea of what a career with Swire is really like.